Sunday, October 31, 2010

Too Many Projects???....Nah...

I had a very brief moment of panic today - too many projects I thought!  But that moment was very fleeting.  It all started when I went to my stash for one last look at what might be used for hats and scarves and uncovered more than expected.  The Stitchin' Sisters group at my church (which I help lead) was asked to make scarves for a local shelter.  Another group in our church is already collecting toiletries and thought this might be a good addition to their gift bags at Christmas.  The Stitchin' Sisters jumped at the opportunity - even the beginners! - and we thought hats might be a better option for the children at the shelter.  Donations of yarn are coming in from members of the church and even those who do not attend the group are pitching in to help make items.  I had already started on two or three items, but decided to look at my own stash one more time.  There must be enough leftovers to make 8 or 10 additional items!  Hence the moment of panic.  But, if put my vest on hold for a bit and use simple patterns, I think I can use up most of the stash I pulled out today.  Using my metal needles helps me knit faster too!!

Thanks to those who replied to my thoughts on needles.  After the holidays I think I will have to pull out that lace yarn and try to make a scarf out of it again - this time on my metals needles.  I'll use my bamboo needles again, but choose the project carefully!

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