Friday, April 26, 2013

We Interrupt This Program...

In my last post I was enamored by my Tuscany socks.  There was no stopping me...don't change the channel on me...I was going to finish them quickly.  Then this happened.

Leftover fabric and a friend's stash of trims became a 'pillowcase dress'.  (Please forgive the flat-on-the-table shot.)

We are the home church for a missionary who is part of TEAMS for Medical Missions in Jamaica.  She came home from one of her regular trips last year and asked if we would consider making 'pillowcase dresses' for them to take along and give to the girls they see.  Our Stitchin' Sisters group has taken up the task.  Members of our church have been sewing at home and we held a special Saturday event where people could learn how to make them.  For this group, each person started with an actual pillow case and turned it into a dress.

It has been fun to see the same basic pattern recreated by a number of different people into a variety of cute dresses which will serve a need in Jamaica.  Some are using fabric in their stash, others are using pillowcases which are still in good condition.  They have added ruffles, used appliques, add contrasting fabric for the bottom, and trimmed with everything from rick-rack to lace.  Our bin has been filling quickly in time for the next trip to Jamaica in May.

There are plenty of YouTube videos and written tutorials on the internet which you can use if you need guidance.  My one warning would be to make sure the armhole is not too small.

As for my socks, they have been patiently waiting for me to return.  Soon - I hope!