Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Better Late Than Never

My break at Thanksgiving zoomed by without having time to post pictures and update the blog.  Then the next three weeks I was at the mercy of work.  Finally, I have some quiet time to share the charity knitting update.

Thanks to some wonderful knitters and crocheters, from beginner to experienced, we have around 55 scarves to donate to a local women's shelter.  Nine of the best were wrapped for special gifts, with the others available as the need arises this winter.  This does not include the hats and mittens that were also made.  And we had hoped for 20!

Here are pictures of some that I made.

#1 My first crocheted scarf - basic double crochet.  Leftover yarn from a project my mother had made years ago.

 #2 Stash yarn.  Ravelry pattern Tiles Scarf

#3 Basic garter stitch.  One skein Encore Mega and some stash white.

#4 Basic garter stitch.  Encore Boucle

#5 Leftover yarns from other projects.  Basic ribbed hat.

#6 Leftover yarns from other projects.  Basic stockinette hat - child size.

These have all been made since the beginning of November if I remember correctly.  Now I need to take pictures of the headbands I have been churning out and the scarf that is waiting for binding off.  Scarf was just started today while riding in the car.  It will be finished before I go to bed tonight, so it will not wait long.  I didn't realize I had been doing this much knitting or crocheting!

Until the next post, Merry CHRISTmas!  Keep those hooks and needles moving!