Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Thoughts

This is exciting and scary, putting my thoughts out for the world to see.  I've thought about blogging and wondered: 'What would I have to say?'  'Why would anyone want to read what I say?'  and then...'What does it matter?' So, I am taking the plunge into the vast sea that is the blogging world.

Isn't it amazing what a person can do with two sticks and some string?? Whether knitting (or crocheting) for practicality or art, knitting for yourself or others, knitting for pleasure or purpose, sticks and string collaborate to form a playground for your senses of sight and touch.  If you are like me, the fun starts even before the sticks and string begin their dance.  My eyes rejoice at the vision before me when I enter a yarn shop, fibers luring me into their lair, and my hands cannot resist caressing the cascades of loveliness falling from the displays, tempting me even more.  Occasionally I resist, but more often than not, I add equipment and toys to my own playground at home.  If only I could stay and play all day with my friends at my playground, or play by myself at home.  At least for the moment, playtime must end for the realities of life call.

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