Sunday, October 24, 2010

Needle "issues"

I am wondering if other knitters have found themselves having issues with their knitting needles, or more accurately, their choice of knitting needles.  I first started knitting when I was a preteen, learning from my grandmother (more on that in a future post).  Back then (way back then) the only needles I knew about were metal.  I had no trouble learning to knit, but what I did have trouble with was my death grip and tight stitches that resulted because of the slippery needles.  In fact, I didn't knit regularly for years because my tight stitches frustrated me so!  When I did give knitting an honest try again about 8 years ago, bamboo needles became my tools of choice.  In fact, I made it clear to anyone who was interested that I despised metal needles and would only knit with bamboo.  Imagine my surprise in the past few months when I find myself preferring metal needles!!!  For circulars I am mostly using addi Turbos, but for my straights I love the Susan Bates.  I guess I am just surprised at the change.  Is it because knitting is much easier for me now because I am knitting more?  Am I just more relaxed in my knitting (because my stitches are definitely not as tight)?  Or, as I mentioned to my knitterly friends, am I becoming a needle snob and can only knit with certain needles?


  1. Congrats on your new blog! Wow!

    As for needles, I find that different needles work with different projects/yarns. Wood or bamboo needles can be "sticky" and therefore slower, and ideal for yarns that slip around or are hard to grip. Plastic is also in that category for me...although it depends on the needles themselves, some are less grippy than others. Speedy metal addis or knit picks circulars are ideal for fast knitting with yarns that have a little grip. (also better with more advanced knitters, I find...)

    I also really like "aero" metal needles. They have a texture on them that makes them a little less slippery but still faster for me and cooler in summer than wood or plastic.

    The aluminum straights are my least favorite needles because something about the sound they make and their slip as I stitch puts my teeth on edge. That's just me though.

    I don't believe there is such a thing as needle snobbery. I think there's such a thing as the right needle for the specific job and the specific knitter! (That's enough for me for now..I do go on...)

  2. I also love my bamboo needles and use them for as much knitting as possible. I don't do lace knitting & the 1 time I tried, I found bamboo is definitely not the way to go.

    My issue with needles? No matter how many I have, dpns/straights/circulars in different sizes & lengths, I don't have the right size in the right length. I'm off to buy a 36" size 6 needle this weekend.