Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Favorite Blogs - Food

As I have been playing with Feedly and Bloglovin, and trying to keep up with blogs I follow on a daily basis, it dawned on me that there are certain blogs that have become my favorites.  Well, more than favorites. It's more like I have withdrawal symptoms if I stay away from them too long.  These are the blogs that I anxiously await the next post and value the information shared.  In the next few weeks I will be sharing the blogs I love, by category.  First up - FOOD!

There are other blogs pertaining to food that I follow, and I am sure there are other valuable blogs to follow as well, but there are two that never leave me disappointed: Pinch of Yum and The Café Sucré Farine.  

Pinch of Yum was discovered through a pin one of my daughters-in-law made on Pinterest: Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese with Caramelized Onions, Bacon, and Apple.  Oh my goodness!!  Then there were the Baked Gingerbread Mini Donuts.  The recipes have never disappointed me and range from healthy to decadent, common to unique, and are always doable.  Lindsay and Bjork not only share food, but how they have made income from their blog as well.  They recently returned from spending a year volunteering at an orphanage in the Philippines.  Believe it or not, Lindsay was still able to cook and bake, sharing food and life on the blog.

Chris' Pumpkin Buttermilk Pound Cake with Caramel Icing was the first item made from The Café Sucré Farine (sans walnuts).  Do you sense a theme? Fall....baking....they get me every time!  Chris is definitely a culinary expert, although I am sure she would humbly refute my use of the term expert.  Her offerings range from simple, basic go-to recipes to more demanding gourmet dishes.  But she makes everything attainable!  You also get glimpses of her life and darling grandchildren.  There are probably more of her recipes on my "I Must Make THIS" list than any other blog I follow.  Like Lindsay, Chris' husband is part of the success; he does the photography.

Take a stroll through both of these blogs.  I'm sure your mouth will be watering and your "I Must Make THIS" list will expand!

Stay tuned for more 'My Favorite Blogs' - next up Sewing.



  1. Cathy, thank you for such kind words. I hope you continue to enjoy our recipes as much as we enjoy sharing them :)

    1. My plan is to try some of your avocado recipes soon...especially the cake and icing!

  2. Thank you so much Cathy! That's so sweet and I'm glad you like the recipes!