Sunday, March 10, 2013

Out of the Tunnel

I did it!  I am out of the tunnel!  The socks were finished this evening about 8:30 pm EDT.  The best part is they fit.  They are also very soft and will get their first wearing tomorrow.  I did have yarn leftover and had thought about making them longer, but I probably would have had to increase to go over my calves and that would have thrown off the pattern.  The length is good as is.

Not sure I have ever been this thankful to finally finish a project.  Now the debate begins...start another pair of socks or finish some of the many UFOs I have.  I confess - I want more socks!

Oh, and I made it through a second tunnel this evening. The tunnel known as ironing my husband's long sleeve shirts.  Any tunnels you are working through?

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