Friday, February 8, 2013

Resuming blogging....I hope

I have decided that I will attempt to resume blogging in the spring, probably sometime in April due to my schedule.  My goal is to post once a week with a wider range of 'sticks' and 'string' subjects.  Because my hobby interests are not limited to knitting, by limiting my blogging to knitting I was frustrated with keeping it going.  

What are the other 'sticks' in my hobby life?  Sewing needles.  Quilting pins.  Wooden spoons and knives count too in my mind.  So I will be sharing from all my hobbies when I resume.  As glimpse into other things I enjoy, here is the picture of the stocking I made for one of my daughters-in-law in December.  I knew she wanted a gingerbread man and my course was set when I found the gingerbread print fabric.  The buttons came from my mother's button box, the shape of the gingerbread man from a free printable on the internet, and the rest was my own pattern.

See you in April!

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