Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catching Up #2

I have been looking back over my knitting projects and have come to the realization I am not very good at remembering to document them.  And when I do remember, it almost always appears as if I just took the photo to get it over with; no thought to presentation or aesthetic.

Case in point: great niece's scarf and hat set which I made for her Christmas gift.  Here is the hat, made from Bernat Pipsqueak in the Candy Girl colorway using no written pattern, just cast on and knit, knit, knit until I decreased for the crown.

The hat is just plopped, I'm not sure where, and I didn't even stuff it to make it look like it would on a head. Where is the scarf you ask?  I forgot!!!  And my kitchen creations fare no better.

Guess I have two new goals: better document my creations with pictures, no matter what sticks and string I use, and display them in a more attractive way.  Tips welcomed!

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